Password Hints & Tips
Warpfive Software


Encripta and Encripta Pro have been built in the knowledge that your personal data is private and should not be accessible to anyone, not even us. Our privacy policy is simple – your data belongs to you and only you have the password to it.

  • All data entered and stored in Encripta and Encripta Pro is completely unreadable to us, because it is encrypted with AES-256, and the encryption key is derived from your master password which is completely unknown to us. None of your information is accessible to us in any way.
  • Your password is only known to you - we do not know it, we cannot reveal it, reset it or recover it.
  •  If you back up your data to our secure cloud server, your data is encrypted upon transmission. This encrypted data cannot be directly linked back to any user, and is never shared.
  • We have a minimal data collection policy - the only personal information we have is your email address which we may use to send you notifications from time to time.



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